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The Smyrna After School Karate Program allows you to provide your child with super fun martial arts instruction, games and activities with the added benefit of pick-up from school.

Welcome to American Martial Arts Transported After School Karate Program.  Smyrna TN’s premier after school program.

In our Transported After School Karate Program your child will learn so much more than how to kick and punch. They will learn the discipline, focus, self – esteem and respect that it takes to succeed in all areas of their lives.  Numerous studies have shown, and our students parent’s agree, that martial arts gives children the confidence to succeed and the leadership skills to make a difference in their lives.  Confidence plays a major role in children’s ability to achieve any type of goal.  The achievements that your child makes in our programs, whether it’s a physical goal achieved or a new belt rank, will make their confidence go through the roof.  And all of this just scratches the surface of what we offer at American Martial Arts Transported After School Program.

Two activities for the price of one….  Most families today are watching every dollar closely.  With our American Martial Arts After School Karate you not only get the most positive place for your child to go after school, but your child gets to learn Martial Arts!!!

Take a look at what our parents are saying….

“My son begged to take martial arts for awhile, but we thought it would just be one more thing to try to fit into our schedule. Boy, were we wrong! What he learns in his martial arts classes pours into every aspect of his life. He wants to "be like a black belt" in everything he does now. We hear again and again, that a black belt never gives up... and a black belt does his best everytime. He is more focused, more respectful, and more disciplined because of what he has learned at American Martial Arts. I can't say enough about the respectfullness Mr. Harris is teaching him... respect for himself and for others. Mr. Harris is consistent in his training, patient with the kids, and an excellent mentor. We are all very thankful for American Martial Arts.” Rhonda Murphy

American Martial Arts After School Karate….Look no further for After School care in Smyrna Tennessee.
Contact us today at 615-355-0981 and see what sets us apart from the other programs in the area.

After School Transportation,
Plus Karate Classes Only $60 A Week